Sarl CEBON is a family business producing food ingredients for pastry and cooking for professionals and houswer , built in 1997. For more than 20 years, the men and women of the CEBON Sarl cultivate the passion for flavors, hunt the latest trends and demonstrate a commitment to our partners and our environment with its El Mordjene range.
Built around strong values that we feel in customer relations as well as in product quality, it shapes the pastry and culinary world and gives it the keys to success.
Our mission
Promote the transmission of Algerian food culture through the authenticity of its products.
Our vision
Promote the Algerian label so that it is recognized and declared as the best in the field of pastry and culinary products.
Our values

Enduring family history

Sarl CEBON is above all a family. Proudly claiming its identity and its family business heritage, the company offers a foundation of solidarity and sharing that radiates throughout the community. Drawing its momentum from deep roots, it looks to the future with conviction, to excel, diversify and continue to innovate.

Mobilize for his country

The commitment to the service of the country is part of the company’s project. Through its actions and investments, La Sarl CEBON contributes to the economic development of Algeria, by and for Algerians.

Gain the trust and respect

The partnership approach is the company’s line of conduct, right up to the end customer, whom he is constantly listening to in order to meet his expectations. Respecting the consumer is in particular a commitment to provide him with healthy products of superior quality.